With the average cost of a wedding exceeding $25,000, excluding the honeymoon, more Americans are choosing affordable financing with unsecured personal loans.

About WeddingLender

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WeddingLender's loans are available in the 48 states pictured in the map above. Check back soon for more!

Our unsecured, low interest loans offer fixed rates, fixed terms, and are fully amortized. It is absolutely FREE to apply for a WeddingLender loan and your credit will not reflect an inquiry unless you formally accept and originate a loan.

In some instances, some borrowers may be presented with the option of borrowing either more or less than the amount which they have requested, depending upon their credit history. Additionally, some borrowers may be presented with the option of extending the term (time it takes to pay back the loan) or raising or lowering the amount requested to borrow, in order to customize their loan to a monthly payment which more adequately suits their financial needs. We do not directly originate or service any loan(s) and this process is non-binding and all rates and fees are clearly shown before any consumer makes a decision to take out a loan.

When applying for a loan, WeddingLender utilizes special relationships with one of a variety of licensed personal loan marketplaces and/or licensed financial services companies who offer fair and transparent loan terms and rates. All loans will be originated through these licensed consumer credit providers. Loans are available in 47 of the 50 states.

Please see our full disclosures and terms or, for further questions, please use WeddingLender's support page.

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WeddingLender Financial Services:

Wedding expenses can be difficult to track, but our loans can finance the catering, dresses, entertainment, travel, venue rental - and more. In addition to standard wedding loans, WeddingLender offers engagement ring loans, honeymoon loans, and even baby & adoption loans to give couples the opportunity to refinance.

Applying for any WeddingLender loan can allow you to pay for all your wedding bills from one source. No credit card juggling, no early repayment penalties, and your interest rate will never change. Learn about the loan interest rates or use our simple loan payment calculator to estimate total cost and monthly payments.

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