WeddingLender™ wants to finance the wedding of your dreams...
  • Unsecured loans
  • Flexible payment terms
  • Fixed loan rates
  • Starting at 6.73% APR

How to Pay for a Wedding?

Other than buying a house or having children, your wedding is the most costly expense of your life.

WeddingLender™ approves loans specifically designed to finance your wedding, engagement ring, and honeymoon. Apply for a low APR wedding loan with fixed interest rates of just 6.73% to 35.36% and select either a 3 or 5 year repayment period - then receive up to $35,000 into your bank account in just 3 days upon approval!

If you can't fully finance your wedding or honeymoon, then WeddingLender™ can help you pay for your fairytale wedding. We provide unsecured personal loans to brides, grooms, parents, and families in bridal parties. There are better things to dream about than wondering: 'How are we going to pay for all of this?'

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About WeddingLender™

WeddingLender™ offers couples a chance to consolidate their wedding expenses into Wedding Loans, Engagement Ring Loans, and Honeymoon Loans. Wedding expenses can be difficult to track, but our loans will cover your catering, dresses, entertainment, travel - even venue rental.

Applying for a WeddingLender™ Loan ensures you pay for all your wedding bills from one source. No credit card juggling, no early repayment penalties, and your interest rate will never change.

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